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From Dan Labrecque <>
Subject WebSphere Interop problems (Array types)
Date Fri, 30 Jan 2004 15:27:55 GMT
I am testing basic interoperability between WebSphere Studio Application 
Developer (WSAD) V5.1.1 and Axis C++ 1.0.

I successfully installed Axis C++ with Apache 1.3.28 on Win2000, and 
successfully tested InteropBase tests between generated Axis C++ Client 
and generated InteropBase.dll web service.

I then imported the InteropBase.wsdl into  WSAD V5.1.1 and generated 
corresponding web service client and web service and successfully tested 
this within WSAD.

My primary intention is to test interoperability between WebSphere client 
to Axis C++ web service. When I point the WSAD client to the Axis C++ web 
service, the echo methods specifying basic types (e.g. integer, string, 
float) are successful, but *all* echo methods specifying array types fail 
with the Axis C++ container returning back a vaild SOAP response (i.e. not 
a SOAP Fault) but with no return elements in the respose.

I have captured the message flows (using the WSAD TCP/IP monitor server) 
for three cases - echoStringArray, echoIntegerArray, and echoFloatArray. 
All of the results are the same, a SOAP response with no elements 
returned. Could anyone tell why this is not working - my intention is to 
fully get the Interop tests successful between WebSphere clients and Axis 
C++ web services.

Thanks and Best Regards,

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