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From Roland Kosovsky <>
Subject Re: Arrays
Date Tue, 20 Jan 2004 12:34:56 GMT
Hi Susantha

Your project is called "Axis C++ (Apache Axis SOAP Engine in C++)", not 
"Axis C". So I do not understand why you want to throw out the STL. It 
belongs to the C++ standard. And as long as you are using Xerces you 
always will need a C++ compiler. Therfore the compiler is not an argument.

I think it would be better to support unicode than "C".


Susantha Kumara wrote:

>Hi Roland,
>The language binding we have for Axis is common for both C and C++. so
>mapping of xsd types to language types is base on C types now. Also we
>expect not to use stl::string for xsd:string from next release. The code in
>CVS HEAD which goes to next release use xsd__string for xsd:string (typedef
>to char*).
>We soon publish our draft language bindings. Following is the cut and paste
>of the type mapping.
>Simple Type			C  Type
>-----------			-------
>xsd:string			typedef char * xsd__string;
>xsd:integer			typedef int xsd__integer;
>xsd:int			typedef int xsd__int;
>xsd:long			typedef long xsd__long;
>xsd:short			typedef short xsd__short;
>xsd:decimal			typedef double xsd__decimal;
>xsd:float			typedef float xsd__float;
>xsd:double			typedef double xsd__double;
>xsd:boolean			typedef enum { false_, true_ } xsd__boolean;
>xsd:byte			typedef unsigned char xsd__byte;
>xsd:QName			typedef char * xsd__QName;
>xsd:dateTime		typedef time_t xsd__dateTime;
>xsd::unsignedByte		typedef unsigned char xsd__unsignedByte;
>xsd::unsignedInt		typedef unsigned int xsd__unsignedInt;
>xsd::unsignedLong		typedef unsigned long xsd__unsignedLong;
>xsd::unsignedShort	typedef unsigned short xsd__unsignedShort;
>xsd::base64Binary		typedef struct { xsd__unsignedByte * __ptr; xsd__int
>__size;} xsd__base64Binary;
>xsd::hexBinary		typedef struct{ xsd__unsignedByte * __ptr; xsd__int
>__size;} xsd__hexBinary;
>xsd::anyURI			typedef char * xsd__anyURI;
>However we need to discuss about supporting stl.

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