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From Nandika Jayawardana <>
Subject Re: Axis2C crashes when using SSL...
Date Sat, 28 May 2011 05:01:57 GMT
Most definitely, there should be a memory corruption. Try running the
application with a memory checking tool like purify. It will point you to
the location where this problem happens.


On Fri, May 27, 2011 at 11:47 PM, Mauro Brasil

> Hello there!
> I have a fully operational C++ application developped using Visual C++ that
> uses Axis2c and RampartC to communicates with a server running on JBoss and
> using JBossWS.
> By now we are using just WS-Security's UserNameToken and timestamp features
> and everything works pretty fine.
> The application is almost completed and now we just need to get it over
> SSL.
> First try was add the server's certificate file programatically (for lots
> of reasons this is the desirable scenario).
> Althougth the implementation runs fine on Debug mode for several requests,
> when I switch to Release mode the application crashes during
> "axis2_svc_client_send_receive_with_op_qname" method execution of the second
> request.
> I don't know if this could cause this particular issue, but I share the
> "axis_env_t*" pointer among all requests (well... I have no problem with
> that until now).
> Tired of trying to avoid the condition on code, I removed the block that
> adds the property and configured the certificate file directly on
> "axis2.xml". And I've got totally lost when the issue happened the same way.
> Had anyone got such condition ?
> Does someone have any idea of what can be causing thins ?
> Thanks and best regards,
> Mauro.

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