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From "ruanhuabin" <>
Subject ask for help
Date Mon, 13 Dec 2010 14:21:49 GMT
Hi, I am a student in tsinghua university, China, recently I used axis2/C to develop a web
system, I encounter  a problem confusing a long time, I want to add a custom http header in
my response message, I write to following code hoping to achive it, but I failed(because I
can not see my header in tool tcpmon), can you help me? thank you very much!
axis2_op_ctx_t *op_ctx = axis2_msg_ctx_get_op_ctx(msg_ctx, env);
axis2_msg_ctx_t *out_msg_ctx;
out_msg_ctx = axis2_op_ctx_get_msg_ctx(op_ctx, env, AXIS2_WSDL_MESSAGE_LABEL_OUT);
axis2_char_t *header_name = "x_object_name";    /*Custom header name*/
axis2_char_t *header_value = "1234567";    /*Custom header value*/
axis2_http_header_t *http_header =  axis2_http_header_create(env, header_name, header_value);
axutil_array_list_t *http_headers_list = axutil_array_list_create(env, 10);
axutil_array_list_add(http_headers_list, env, http_header);
axis2_msg_ctx_set_http_output_headers(out_msg_ctx, env, http_headers_list);  /*I used this
method to set my custom http header*/



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