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From jim <>
Subject Re: can't get cookies working
Date Thu, 16 Sep 2010 23:10:52 GMT
  We obtained 1.7.0, built and ran with it.  I make an initial call to a 
web service, and in the HTTP response I see a Set Cookie header.  But 
the cookie is not set on the client, at least it is not visible with 
Safari's "View All Cookies".   I then make a second call to the web 
service and see no cookie header in the HTTP request.   So, it still 
appears to me that there is no session/cookie support in the current Axis2.

As before, any help is greatly appreciated.  We do need cookie support 
for our application.


On 9/15/2010 10:26 PM, Damitha Kumarage wrote:
> Hi Jim,
> Axis2/C has session support working. But I don't think any released 
> version has this support.  Try 1.7.0 release candidate at [1]. At 
> client side session support you don't have to do any 
> configuration/coding. You need to set 
> axis2_options_set_manage_session()  only if you are using libcurl 
> transport. But this is not the default transport.
> Damitha
> [1]
> jim wrote:
>>   I need to use Axis2C on OS X.  I've gotten things working, sort of, 
>> but have stumbled on cookie support.  The server I'll be accessing 
>> sets a cookie on an initial call, then expects it on subsequent calls.
>> As far as I can see, I should be setting the options on the 
>> stub/service client so that 'manage session' = true.  I've tried  
>> accomplishing this with axis_options_set_manage_session().  But, no 
>> cookie shows up in my requests
>> I've tried explicitly adding a cookie HTTP header, by following 
>> examples I've found for adding headers to the stub/service client 
>> options.  The exact syntax of the examples varies; but I never get a 
>> header in the HTTP request.
>> Does cookie/session support work? Is it just a matter of getting the 
>> right syntax?   Or is AxisC not able to handle cookies?
>> Any responses will earn my undying gratitude...
>> Jim Hughes
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