Hi There,
I sent out the message earlier but somehow the message is messed up, so try it again.
I am currently encountering a serious bug that seems exist in axis2/c. I am using version 1.5 and I also tried version 1.6. The bug has to do with the usage of Basic Authentication in web service client calls. I noticed that the server side receives two calls for each one client call. This caused problem in server side, because for each call, the server side is supposed to post data in a database table and then send out emails. Now, for each client call, the server side post the same data twice and send out emails twice.
This is absolutely unacceptable. This means that Basic authentication is not supported in axis2/c.
I was browsing the bug database and noticed that there is a bug reported (https://issues.apache.org/jira/browse/AXIS2C-1244) for this problem. Is there any plan to resolve this issue?