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From "Nair, Anushree" <>
Subject RE: Problem building axis2c 1.5.0
Date Fri, 08 May 2009 07:20:03 GMT

We are using the c89 compiler on unix platform. Yes, even we have observed that the build
is a static build.
But we did NOT modify the makefiles to statically build axis2/c. The makefile by default is
trying to build axis statically.
Kindly advice how to build axis2/c using DLL files and what is the standard approach used.


From: Rajika Kumarasiri []
Sent: Friday, May 08, 2009 7:00 AM
To: Apache AXIS C Developers List
Subject: Re: Problem building axis2c 1.5.0

On Thu, May 7, 2009 at 7:12 PM, Nair, Anushree <<>>

What's your compiler and the platform? , according to the error message it seems it tries
to build static libraries ..


We have encountered the following error while trying to run 'make install' command.

We believe the problem is occurring because axis2c1.5.0 tries to build the simple_http_server

by statically linking all the objects and finds duplicate definition of the function


We haven't set any parameter to make axis build statically. Kindly let us know, how to resolve

error at the earliest as it is acting as a work stopper for us.

The error encountered by us is as shown below:

eld command line:

   /usr/bin/eld -o axis2_http_server -set systype oss -set highpin on -set

   highrequestor on -set inspect on /usr/lib/ccplmain.o http_server_main.o



   .a ../../../../../../axiom/src/om/.libs/libaxis2_axiom.a











   iver.a /home/Rahul/axis2c-src-1.5.0/src/core/engine/.libs/libaxis2_engine.a



   http_common.a ../../../../../../neethi/src/.libs/libneethi.a



   er.a /home/Rahul/axis2c-src-1.5.0/guththila/src/.libs/libguththila.a

   /home/Rahul/axis2c-src-1.5.0/util/src/.libs/libaxutil.a -L /G/system/sys05 -lcre -lcrtl
-lossk -lossf -lsec -li18n

   -licnv -losse -linet -lossh -lossc

**** FATAL ERROR **** [1596] - linker halting:

   Illegal duplicate definition of the procedure axis2_get_instance in


   iver.a(http_receiver.) and



Thanks and Regards,



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