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From Vivian Wang <>
Subject WS-Policy support
Date Mon, 06 Apr 2009 23:40:33 GMT
Hi All, 

I am working on using axis2/c to built a web service client. I have a few questions regarding
WS-policy support in axis2/c. From the manual in axis2/c web site, it seems that the WS-policy
support is built in to the axis2/c. I would like to know the following:

(1) Are there any documents regarding how to use WS-policy in axis2/c? 

(2) Are there any examples regarding how to use WS-policy in axis2/c? 

(3) I have a customer presenting me with a WSDL that contains some policy definitions and
then referenced in operation/binding definitions, suppose I can parse the WSDL and extract
all the policy information, at runtime, how do I use axis2/c to set the related policy in
a operation/binding when I create a web service client (using axis2/c)? Any APIs? 

The afore mentioned WSDL (shortened to contain only related info) is pasted at the end of
the message :

Thanks much in advance!
<wsdl:definitions ....>
  <wsp:UsingPolicy wsdl:required="true"/> 

   <xyzAdmin:CentralAdministration   xmlns:xyzAdmin=""wsp:Optional="true"/>

- <wsp:Policywsu:Id="OP_IF_OP_BatchByIDQueryResponse_In">


        <wsp:PolicyReference URI="#IF_IF_BatchByIDQueryResponse_In"/> 
           <wsp:PolicyReference URI="#OP_IF_OP_BatchByIDQueryResponse_In"/>

         <wsdl:input message="tns:BatchByIDQuery_sync"/> 
         <wsdl:output message="tns:BatchByIDResponse_sync"/> 
     <wsdl:fault name="StandardMessageFault"message="tns:StandardMessageFault"/>

            <wsp:PolicyReference URI="#BN_BN_BatchByIDQueryResponse_Binding"/>

         <soap:binding transport=""style="document"/>

             <soap:operation soapAction=""style="document"/> 
                 <soap:body use="literal"/> 
                 <soap:body use="literal"/> 
                  <soap:fault name="StandardMessageFault"use="literal"/>


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