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From Vivian Wang <>
Subject Re: rampart/c usage get-started questions
Date Sat, 07 Mar 2009 04:15:53 GMT

Can anyone please reply to my questions? Thanks a lot!


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From: Vivian Wang <>
Sent: Thursday, March 5, 2009 3:59:40 PM
Subject: rampart/c usage get-started questions

Hi There,

I am starting to use rampart/c for ws-security purpose together with axis2/c in a web service
client application. I have the following get-me-started questions:

(1) As a web service client, all the security configurations can be done in a policy file,
there is no need to programmatically set the security parameters in my source code, all I
need to do is to set the policy file location when I create the web service client. Is this

    I am asking this because when I browsed the rampart/c sample source code, I noticed
that in some samples like saml_echo,  you created a saml assertion and set it into client
config, like this:

    assertion = create_saml_assertion(env);
    saml = rampart_saml_token_create(env, assertion, RAMPART_ST_CONFIR_TYPE_SENDER_VOUCHES);
    rampart_saml_token_set_token_type(saml, env, RP_PROPERTY_SIGNED_SUPPORTING_TOKEN);
    rampart_config_add_saml_token(client_config, env, saml);

Can this be done in the policy configuration file so I don't have to do this in my source

(2) And vice versa, can all the ws-securiy parameters done configured programmatically without
using a policy file? I think for some applications, this will be more flexible.

(3) When I (the web service client) subscribe to several services from different service providers,
can I have multiple policy files with one for each service? and similarly I one service contains
several operations, can I have more than one policy files with one for each operation?

(4) With regard to ws-security username and password token, there is a parameter called
password type, which can be Text or Digest. My question is this: If I choose to specify
passwordType as Digest, can the actual password I set be in plainText? I mean in this case
will rampart/c convert it into Digest format for me before sending? If I need to provide the
Digest format, what algorithm should I use or what tool is available to me?

Thanks in advance for answering my newbie questions.


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