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From "Patrick van Beem" <>
Subject Re: Multi-threading
Date Tue, 16 Dec 2008 12:41:07 GMT
Hello Supun,

> First we need to think why
> we need to execute Axis2/C clients in multiple threads instead of using
> separate clients in different threads. 

I had to read that sentence at least three times before I understood it :-)
You mail does shine some light on the subject for me. Both the overhead and performance are
an issue for us. And since IO is involved when initializing a stub, performance might be more
We selected axis for our soap interface because of the adb code generation (ease of use while
adding more and more soap clients). So writing a lot of code for the mep instead of 'just
using the framework' is not really an option for us. I think we stay with the 'use our own
thread pool and do sync calls from there' implementation of 'async' calls for now.

Thanks for the input.

> One advantage of using a single
> client is the overhead associated with multiple clients. A single
> axis2_svc_client requires multiple axis2 configurations and multiple
> environments. This is the only reasong comes to my mind right now for not
> using different axis2_svc_clients in different threads. If you have any
> other requirements please share with us.
> If performance is the concern associated with creating multiple clients,
> there is a solution to the problem. The real entity that do the most
> important work in the client side is axis2_mep_client. axis2_svc_client is a
> wrapper around the mep client for make the job easier for the client
> programmer. But axis2_svc_client is not designed for a multithreaded
> environment. The problems with axis2_svc_client running in multiple threads
> is it keep tracks of the various objects from previous invokations. This
> leads to double free this resources in multiple threading environments.
> But if we can use the mep client these problems won't be there. The only
> problem with mep client is it requires quite a bit of coding to make it
> work. If we can provide a simple thread safe method set for directly
> accessing the mep client it will be really useful. So devs what do you
> think?
> Supun..


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