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From "Haszlakiewicz, Eric" <>
Subject changes to the axutil log functions
Date Mon, 03 Nov 2008 19:46:22 GMT
I have a need to use axis within an existing system that has it's own
ways of opening/closing/rotating logs and I've found the existing axis
log interfaces to be a bit lacking.  I have some patches, but before I
submit a issue in jira I wanted to run the changes past some people to
see if what I'm doing makes sense.

There are two issues that I'm fixing:
  1) the log functions don't keep track of whether the filedescriptor
was opened by axis, so if you create a env using axutil_env_create() it
ends up closing stderr when you try to set a new log file.

  2) There's no way to tell axis to log to a filedescriptor rather than
to a named file.

I added two functions to axutil_log_default.h:

One to create a axutil_log_t using an existing FILE * as returned from
    AXIS2_EXTERN axutil_log_t *AXIS2_CALL
        axutil_allocator_t *allocator,
        axutil_log_ops_t *ops,
        void *stream,
        int close_stream);
I also factored out a static axutil_log_create_common() function, which
is used by both axutil_log_create_fp() and the original

And, one to switch the FILE pointer on an existing log structure:
        axutil_allocator_t *allocator,
        axutil_log_t *log,
        void *stream,
        int close_stream);

In both of these, the close_stream flag indicates whether axis is
allowed to close the stream when a new one is set or when the log
structure is cleaned up.  That is stored in a new field in the
axutil_log_impl structure.

Does this seem reasonable?  Should I send the full patch to the list?


(btw, I created a couple of other jira issues (AXIS2C-1271, AXIS2C-1280)
w/ patches attached.  About how long can I expect before they are

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