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From "Luís Bilo" <>
Subject Re: REST requests, adb's and namespaces
Date Tue, 28 Oct 2008 13:39:20 GMT
In that case the patch my colleague developed follows in attachment.

With these changes rest requests won't have any issues as long as the
namespace is defined @ services.xml in the following manner for each

<operation name="get_message" uri_ns="http://mps">
	  <parameter name="wsamapping">urn:get_message</parameter>
	  <parameter name="RESTMethod">GET</parameter>
	  <parameter name="RESTLocation">message/{uuid}/</parameter>

There is one optimization that can be done, which is allowing a
default namespace for the whole service to be defined as a parameter
also @ services.xml, and only when needed overidding for one operation
the way it is now.

On Tue, Oct 28, 2008 at 6:00 AM, Dimuthu Gamage <> wrote:
> Hi Luis,
> It is a very interesting question. Thanks for raising it.
> I got to know, Java solved this problem by adding the necessary namespaces
> when building the request axiom from (name, value) pairs. Since they have
> the schema model at the time of processing the request, they don't need any
> parameter to specify in the services.xml as you suggested.
> But since in Axis2/C we don't have the message schema at the processing
> request, we have to go for one of your suggestion. I prefer the first one
> editing services.xml because it is more analogue to what Axis2/Java is
> doing. Or we can give an option to the code generator to ignore the
> namespace validation. But since we are using Axis2/Java codegen tool, it is
> not practicle to add an option that only Axis2/C need and Axis2/Java doesn't
> need. So I think soluiton 1 is more preferrable.
> If you already have that patch working, you are really welcomed to add it to
> Axis2/C.
> Thanks
> Dimuthu
> On Mon, Oct 27, 2008 at 9:35 PM, Luís Bilo <> wrote:
>> Greetings,
>> I've been using axis for a while now, supporting simultaneously rest
>> and soap requests. I'm also using the adb codegeneration tool from
>> axis2/java project (c data bindings creation from wsdl document ). Now
>> there is one issue when using the auto generated adb's and REST
>> requests. As you know adb will also ensure the parameters in the
>> request have the correct namespace. Problem is only using rest
>> requests we can specify that namespace. When using rest it would be
>> possible to parse the request with axiom, and ignore the namespace.
>> But with adb's that is not an option and rest requests fail within adb
>> serializarion as they miss the required namespace. This seems like a
>> flaw to me, unless i'm missing something here in which case i'd like
>> to hear some feedback.
>> Anyways in order to address this issue we've come across 2 solutions.
>> The first was to include an attribute for each operation @
>> services.xml specifying the default namespace which is then used in
>> rest requests (patched src/core/deployment/svc_builder.c). The second
>> solution was to patch the xls document that specifies adb generation,
>> so there is no namespace verification for any adb (patched
>> /org/apache/axis2/schema/template/CADBBeanTemplateSource.xsl from
>> axis2/java). What are your thoughs on this matter? Is this something
>> you will be addressing in future versions of Axis2/c?
>> Regards,
>> Luís Bilo
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> Thanks,
> Dimuthu Gamage

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