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From Manjula Peiris <>
Subject Re: MTOM Caching With a user provided callback
Date Mon, 09 Jun 2008 10:56:05 GMT
Seems that every one is ok with this approach. But as I mentioned this
approach has problems when there are multiple MTOM services. Any way I
will integrate the stuff when the sending side is finished.


On Mon, 2008-06-02 at 12:12 +0530, Manjula Peiris wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have developed the MTOM Caching stuff and it is almost finished in the
> receiving side. The implementation is here [1] as a branch. I have
> tested with a 160MB attachment and the results are promising. The main
> advantage of this implementation is it keeps a fixed user defined size
> of the attachment at any moment during the attachment processing. The
> user can implement his own callback to cache the attachment. I have
> included a sample callback [2] which stores the attachment in to a
> file. 
> Following are the user configurable parameters in axis2.xml.
> <parameter name="MTOMBufferSize" locked="false">10</parameter>
> Using this parameter the user can govern the caching threshold. This is
> in KB and I will fix this to be in MB.For example this is 10 means any
> attachment greater than 10KB will be cached.
> <parameter name="MTOMMaxBuffers" locked="false">1000</parameter>
> This will tell maximum numbers of buffers Axis2/C can handle when the
> attachment comes with a pretty large SOAP envelope. Because we are not
> caching the SOAP envelope.
> <parameter name="MTOMCachingCallback"
> locked="false">/path/to/your/caching_callabck</parameter>
> User will specify the callback name using this parameter so that Axis2/C
> can load when it wants to cache the attachment. If the user does not
> specify this the attachment will be in memory.
> I also added a flag called 'cached' to the axiom_data_handler. This flag
> will tell whether the attachment is cached or not using the user
> provided callback. If it is cached then it is user's responsibility in
> his client/service code to find the attachment, because Axis2/C cached
> it using his callback.
> I have a one major problem in this model. That is if there are more than
> one mtom services and if those are going to use different callbacks then
> we can't specify this in axis2.xml. We can't specify this in
> services.xml either because attachment separation happens before
> accessing the service. 
> So really appreciate your ideas regarding the above parameters, callback
> and the problem I have mentioned above.
> [1]
> [2]
> Thanks,
> -Manjula 

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