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From "Julien Billon" <>
Subject ws-addressing module
Date Wed, 28 May 2008 15:50:17 GMT

I'm playing with axis2/c ws-addressing module (axis2/c 1.3.0 and
1.4.0) and I've noticed something strange with Reference Parameters in

I have a message with a <soapenv:Header> like

<soapenv:Header xmlns:wsa=""
    <test:CorrID wsa:IsReferenceParameter="true">123456789</test:CorrID>

In the axis2_addr_in_extract_ref_params() function of the
ws-addressing module, the wsa_qname variable is defined with
axutil_qname_create(env, "IsReferenceParameter",
"", NULL) and as you can see,
there is no prefix specified whereas "wsa" must be used according to
the w3c recommendation (for ws-addressing). As a result,
axiom_element_get_attribute( …, wsa_qname) returns a NULL pointer.
I've replaced the NULL prefix with "wsa" in wsa_qname and
axiom_element_get_attribute( …, wsa_qname) returns the correct
attribute (IsReferenceParameter). The next function
axiom_attribute_get_localname() returns "IsReferenceParameter" but
this value is then compared with "true" (axutil_strcmp(attr_value,
"true")). I think there's a little misunderstanding here between
axiom_attribute_get_localname() and axiom_attribute_get_value(), we
must first check if axiom_attribute_get_localname() returns
"IsReferenceParameter" and then if axiom_attribute_get_value() returns

What do you think of this ? Is my thinking correct ?



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