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From Damitha Kumarage <>
Subject Re: Axis2C - Clarification needed
Date Thu, 22 May 2008 04:57:10 GMT
vamsi krishna wrote:

>     Hi,
>         I started to use Axis2C tool recently. I need the following
>     clarifications regarding the same:   
>         1. How are Axiom, Stax and LibXML2 related in *Axis2C*?
>         2. Given a structure for Serialization, what is the flow of
>     serialization in terms of Axiom, Stax and LibXML2?
>         3. Where exactly is the pull parsing machanism implemented in
>     the code?
>         4. How does Axis2C supports REST? When I tried to see the
>     backtrace (on GDB) of a soap request sample [of Calculator
>     sample] and the rest request sample [echo_rest sample], I got
>     exactly same dump for both the flows. Please help me understand
>     the implementation for REST support.
>         5. what is the purpose of the auxutil_env_t structure? this
>     structure is passed in all the functions of axis2c.
>         6. What is the purpose of axis2_stub_t structure?
>         7. Given a WSDL, once we convert them to respective .h and .c
>     files using the script, how do we go about developing
>     the client side code? do we have any specific way to write the
>     client side code?
>         8. I have read some article which says Every component of
>     Axis2C is pluggable [Transport, XML, Parser, Memory machanisms,
>     etc]. but, no where did i found the procedure to do this. Please
>     help me out in understanding the pluggability and how can i play
>     with the tool to add my own pluggable components.
>         9. Please suggest me any book/online links/any reference
>     material to be able to understand the Axis2C tool better and start
>     consuming the webservices. Even after going through the complete
>     set of links on the official website of Axis2C, I am unable to
>     explain the concepts to my peers and am unable to write a piece of
>     code to consume the webservices available on internet.
>             Please do this favour by clearing all the doubts above and
>     make me understand the tool better and have me part of your group.
I'll reply to your points in details asap.
Have you tried these links [1]


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