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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: Caching support for MTOM
Date Tue, 13 May 2008 13:50:04 GMT

Manjula Peiris wrote:
> Hi Samisa,
> Sorry for not describing those functions. Ideally when a user will
> provide a callback function and a callback_ctx in which the necessary
> information is kept in between caching. For example when we are writing
> to a file we open the file only once and keep on appending when we call
> the callback function. So the file handler should be kept inside this
> callback_ctx. Since the current implementation is yet to provide this
> callback functionality, for the time being I have put the caching
> function inside mime_parser. So if any one is interested now he can keep
> those function headers and just replace the implementation with his
> caching logic. I also changed the caching function name to
> axis2_caching_callback . Following is a description of what each
> function do.
Manjula, thanks for the explanation. I was wondering how this model 
would apply to a situation where I want to write the stuff to a database.
> init_handler - This will create a caching source and return a void* to
> that.
Ope DB connection
> axis2_caching_callback - This will do the caching using the created
> source above.
Keep writing the blob to DB
> close_handler - This will close the caching source.
Close DB connection



> In the current implementation I have wrapped fopen, fwrite and fclose
> with the above 3 functions. 

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