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From "Lefrancois, Carl" <>
Subject discussion: adding support for polymorphism in ADB C code generator
Date Fri, 30 May 2008 14:29:58 GMT
On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 8:02 PM, Lefrancois, Carl
<> wrote:
>>>I'm developing a patch against the ADB C code generator to allow it 
> handle polymorphism correctly...
>>>Say you have a complexType A, which is abstract. Then there are
> complexTypes A1 and A2, which extend A and are not abstract.
>>>The second case, however, is quite problematic... 

>Hi Carl,

>Here 'A' have to aware of the fact A1 and A2 are inheriting from it. In
current codegen implementation it is bit hard to implement. (need to
change the codegen engine implementation). The best thing is let the
mapping to do from external file, (some corresponding file to
''). So I will change your suggested code to
something like this..

Hi Dimuthu,

Agreed, your change is a more elegant way to code each ADB object's

However, shouldn't there also be an external mapping of the
is_particle() function if we want to keep sub-type details out of A's
definition in this case?

i.e. (changes marked with ***>  )

void adb_A_serialize(void *element, ....)

     /* serialize 'A' s element first */
         axutil_stream_write(stream, env, start_input_str,

     serialize_content_func =
***> is_particle_func =

***>             is_particle_func() || AXIS2_FALSE, namespaces,

         axutil_stream_write(stream, env, end_input_str,


And in the mapper:
/* for example for is_particle function */

typedef void (*ret_func_ptr)();

ret_func_ptr axis2_extension_mapper_get_is_particle_func() {
   if(strcmp((axis2_char_t*)(element), "A1"))
        return adb_A1_is_particle;
   if(strcmp((axis2_char_t*)(element), "A2"))
        return adb_A2_is_particle;

It looks like a working solution is not far :)

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