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From Frank Zhou <>
Subject A few questions regarding https and basic authentication
Date Fri, 04 Apr 2008 22:26:06 GMT
Hi All,

I've got a few questions hope you can help me out

(1) I am trying to test my client application (using
axis2/c) communicating with a web server on
TOMCAT/axis-j(version 1.4) in HTTPS mode. In the past,
I've tested axis-j based client with TOMCAT/axis-j
based web server in https mode, I used some windows
scripts to generate server.keystore and
client.keystore, export the certificate from the
keystore files, then import the server certificate to
the client keystore and the client certificate to the
server keystore, and finally specify the keystore path
in the web server and client respectively. I wonder
how this can be done in axis2/c based client vs TOMCAT
server, is there any document/instruction existing for
my testing purpose?

(2) If my client application needs to talk to more
than one web server in https mode, how do I configure
this in the file axis2.xml? Can I have multiple server
cert like this:



(3) Similarly for basic authentication, if I need to
support multiple client IDs (same client talking to
different web server in the same application), can I
specify like this:

  <parameter name="HTTP-Authentication"
username="user1" password="passwd1" locked="true"/>

  <parameter name="HTTP-Authentication"
username="user2" password="passwd2" locked="true"/>

Thanks much in advance.

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