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From "Dumindu Pallewela" <>
Subject Removing "@" from win32 build
Date Thu, 03 Apr 2008 02:30:06 GMT
Hi All,

I'd like to have all the "@" sings (which hides the actual dos command
that is run) infront of each line of win32 build removed, except when
it is absolutely necessary. There are two main reasons for this:

1. If there is something wrong with our build process, it is really
hard to spot where the error is. we have to go through many batch
scripts to locate the error. Rather if it all the "@"s were dropped,
you can easily spot where things went wrong.
2. An even disturbing situation is when the cl.exe and link.exe are
prefixed with an "@". Users have no information about the flags used
in building, if they do not go through the makefiles. If there is an
issue in the arguements provided to cl.exe or link.exe, again, hiding
information only results in increasing the time wasted on finding
those mistakes.

Ather way would be to define a %AT% var in init.bat allowing one to
set it to "@" if they prefer. But having an %AT% prefixing all the
commands would make the batch files look quite ugly :).



Dumindu Pallewela
GPG ID: 0x9E131672

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