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From "Bill Mitchell" <>
Subject RE: Axiom
Date Wed, 30 Apr 2008 12:33:59 GMT

There is a processing difference in a multi-threaded environment.  If you
are using an iterator, you are using a structure that is allocated and
attached to the tree.  So if two threads are operating at the same point in
the same tree at the same time, they will be using the one iterator and one
thread will process one child, then the other thread might process the next
child.  This is usually not what you want to do in a multi-threaded

Bill Mitchell

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From: Dinesh Premalal [] On Behalf Of Dinesh
Sent: Wednesday, April 30, 2008 6:48 AM
Subject: Re: Axiom


"Varuna Jayasiri" <> writes:

>  What's the difference between children iterator and the
> axiom_node_get_next_sibling? Is there a difference in the way they are
> processed?

I couldn't recall where is used children iterator last time :), If you
look into children iterator implementation , you would see


    if (iterator->current_child)
        iterator->last_child = iterator->current_child;
        iterator->current_child =
            axiom_node_get_next_sibling(iterator->current_child, env);
        return iterator->last_child;

I would say there is no difference in a way they are processing. But
you could modification to iterator while processing where as you
couldn't do it with axiom_node_get_next_sibling function.

>  When we navigate using  get_first_child, get next sibling, etc. is the
> done when these methods are called? 
I think yes.

>If so are the parsed data cached so that
> it's not parsed again if the functions are called twice?
Agree, If you going to cache those data, In order to cache them there
is a cost, in memory, processing etc.After considering those costs
there may not be a considerable gain.


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