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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: Axis2C vs. gSOAP
Date Fri, 28 Mar 2008 09:44:52 GMT
Mike Zhao wrote:
> Samisa,
> Thank you for your response!
> Here are a few of the areas where I'm interested to gain knowledge and 
> to assist the management to make a decision in adopting which SOAP 
> implementation:
> - SOAP/WSDL standards compliance

Well, the interop tests has shown that we can interoperate with .NET and 
Java. However we cannot claim that we are BP compliant because we do not 
verify that specifically.

> - Transport Support

We have http and tcp

> - Effort to adopt, in particular C++ client development for Windows 
> platforms

Looking at the user list, people seem to get this working with C++.

> - Compatibility with other SOAP implementations, such as Axis2-C in 
> client side only or in service side only.

We can support both client and server side and as mentioned earlier, it 
interoperates with .NET and Java clients and services.

> - Technical/development support

There is a very good level of support on user and dev lists, the typical 
open source mode of support. If you want you can find commercial support 
as well.

> - Frequency of update/upgrade

Axis2/C is very actively being maintained. We usually come up with a new 
release within three months with new fixes. Sometimes even more often 
than that.

> - Reliability

I can say that it is production quality.

> - Performance (in some numbers or quantitative comparisons if possible)

I have done some performance runs and it is more than three times faster 
than Axis2/Java. However I have not benchmarked it against other engines.


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