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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: Caching support for large attachments
Date Mon, 17 Mar 2008 22:26:50 GMT
Senaka Fernando wrote:
>>>  Ideally it should be either the Content-Length or if Chunked then we'll
>>>  have to read until the end of chunks. So, if you see Content-Length,
>>> then
>>>  no need to calculate size while parsing. You already know it. But, your
>>>  proposal is valid for the Chunked case.
>> I'm talking about calculating the size for a individual MIME part.. I
>> think I made it clear (+how we do it in Axis2/java) at the beginning
>> of this thread... Probably you need to reread this thread.
> Yep, true. The point is, as I said earlier, several small attachments ==
> one big attachment. Thus, Buffering will have to happen anyway, if the
> Content-Length exceeds the threshold rather than a single attachment
> exceeding the threshold.

No this is a flawed view. You cannot overlay parsing and caching in the 
right manner with this view.

We have parsing in place, what needs to be figured out is the overlay. 
We are going back and forth in this discussion and we are not addressing 
the real issue because the discussion is dragged over and over again 
into parsing problems. If there are parsing problems, could you please 
point out where they are exactly so that we can fix those and be done 
with it. Else we are wasting time on an already solved problem. Rather 
we should move and solve the problem at hand which is caching and 
overlaying it on current parsing logic.


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