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From "Kasun Indrasiri" <>
Subject Re: Issue in using 'detach' for cloning
Date Fri, 15 Feb 2008 06:16:34 GMT
Hi Bill,

I have been following the discussions gone on this thread and do have few
thoughts on the main issues that were discussed.

First thing is the issue on axiom_node_detaching. As I mentioned earlier,
the issue in detaching is simply because of keeping the reference of the
namespace of the detached node to the original. I think this issue also can
be resolve by using the 'ref count' approach that you have mentioned (We may
have do few changes on axiom_element_free ). Because when we are freeing the
original node (say root node of detached one), the namespace won't freed
because of the ref count. I'm not sure whether this is conceptually correct
with 'detaching', where it conveys the disconnecting or decoupling the
detached node from the original node (root node). Or else we can have the
'deep copy' approach to fix the problem.

And for my specific case, the requirements are quite simple. I don't want to
deal with any attribute and simple need a copy of a tree with elements and
text values. I do have strict concerns on namespaces though. The node that
I'm going to clone (or copy) has couple of namespaces which are located in
the root node. (i.e. The specific scenario is the Issued Token Assertion on
WS-SecurityPolicy 1.0). And for my requirements, even detach would suffice
if it handles namespace properly.
But the implementation of a true clone method is quite complex than this.


Kasun Indrasiri.

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