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From "Dinesh Premalal" <>
Subject [Axis2][VOTE]Senaka Fernando as a committer
Date Wed, 16 Jan 2008 15:22:45 GMT
Hi Devs,

         I would like to propose Senaka Fernando as an Axis2/C committer. He
has done a great job for the development of Axis2/C. He is very much active
in the mailing lists and provide numerous amount of patches. Here is some of
the jiras he has contributed.

AXIS2C-243, AXIS2C-296, AXIS2C-554, AXIS2C-618, AXIS2C-622, AXIS2C-699,
AXIS2C-726, AXIS2C-728, AXIS2C-735, AXIS2C-738, AXIS2C-739, AXIS2C-740,
AXIS2C-741, AXIS2C-742, AXIS2C-743, AXIS2C-751, AXIS2C-752, AXIS2C-757,
AXIS2C-765, AXIS2C-767, AXIS2C-773, AXIS2C-774, AXIS2C-775, AXIS2C-788,
AXIS2C-795, AXIS2C-796, AXIS2C-813, AXIS2C-814, AXIS2C-815, AXIS2C-816,
AXIS2C-817, AXIS2C-819, AXIS2C-820, AXIS2C-821, AXIS2C-822, AXIS2C-823,
AXIS2C-824, AXIS2C-828, AXIS2C-831, AXIS2C-836, AXIS2C-837, AXIS2C-842,
AXIS2C-844, AXIS2C-852, AXIS2C-853, AXIS2C-854, AXIS2C-865, AXIS2C-867,
AXIS2C-868, AXIS2C-870, AXIS2C-871, AXIS2C-872, AXIS2C-873, AXIS2C-874,
AXIS2C-878, AXIS2C-879, AXIS2C-880, AXIS2C-881, AXIS2C-885, AXIS2C-887,
AXIS2C-888, AXIS2C-892, AXIS2C-894

         I'm sure that he will continue his contribution towards the
development of Axis2/C project in the future as well.

Here is my +1 for Senaka.



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