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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Apache process problems [Was - Re: Urgent: Specifying scope in Axis2c]
Date Wed, 07 Nov 2007 08:18:41 GMT
Samisa Abeysinghe wrote:
> Uthaiyashankar wrote:
>> Hi,
>> Since apache is creating child processes using fork (in linux), only 
>> possible option to share data between children is using an ipc 
>> method. For example, creating Axis2_worker, conf_context and global 
>> pool in a shared memory, and sharing between processes (using 
>> apr_shm, apr_rmm). We can use global mutex to control the access of 
>> shared memory. An example implementation is given in  
>> mod_ldap is also using a similar approach to cache and share data 
>> between child processes.
>> However, to hide the low level details from service/module 
>> implementers, we might have to write a wrapper to manage the shared 
>> memory, growing/shrinking the shared memory according to the demand, 
>> creating objects in shared memory, etc.
>> It is also possible to use apr_dbm/apr_memcache to share data, but 
>> those are similar to using a database.
>> Any other thoughts or comments ??
> +1 for shared memory model with a wrapper.
> This means that we would have to keep the description hierarchy and 
> the context hierarchy in this shared memory space.
BTW, the wrapper for shared memory manipulation has to use some APR 
stuff. Hence I propose that we keep that in the Apache2 httpd module 
folder itself rather than having it in axutil.

> Thanks,
> Samisa...

Samisa Abeysinghe

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