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From Dumindu Pallewela <>
Subject Re: HTTPS support
Date Thu, 20 Sep 2007 11:45:07 GMT
Hash: SHA1

Hi Jamie,

I tested the latest svn with ssl client authentication and it works
perfectly :)

> I’ve also modified the axis2.xml as per the instructions in the Axis2/C
> manual, so I’ve set the CACert, and the user public/private keyfile, and
> set the https handler. I have commented out the SSL_PASSPHRASE section
> however, since my key file is not encrypted with a password.

It is fine to keep the SSL_PASSPHRASE commented if you didn't
encrypt the key with a passphrase.

> However, I’m still getting the following error in the debug log when
> trying to send a message, and getting a null reply from send_receive.
> [Thu Sep 20 10:49:45 2007] [debug] engine.c(677)
> End:axis2_engine_invoke_phases
> [Thu Sep 20 10:49:45 2007] [debug] http_client.c(408) [axis2c] client
> data stream  null or socket error
> [Thu Sep 20 10:49:45 2007] [error] http_sender.c(653) status_code < 0
> [Thu Sep 20 10:49:45 2007] [debug] http_transport_sender.c(571) OP name 
> axutil_qname_get_localpart =
> Any suggestions?

I guess the problem lies on the fact that the server you are using
could not verify your client certificate as valid. Check the server
logs and see if such an error occurs. For instant, if you are using
a self signed certificate as the client certificate, you need to add
that to the server's CA certificate list.

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