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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: Is AXIS2/C what I need?
Date Tue, 21 Aug 2007 02:14:48 GMT
Frank Zhou wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am trying to build a web service application in c++,
> and now investigate to see if AXIS2/c can satisfy my
> needs. Specifically, I have the following
> requirements:
> (1) The library supports common web services standards
>  like SOAP/HTTP/WSDL et cetera. I will use it to build
>  a web service client application (web service
>  consumer).
Axis2/C can handle SOAP over HTTP. But there are some TODOs pending in 
WSDL space.
> (2) It should provides a rich set of APIs for me to 
>  traverse through a WSDL and make SOAP/HTTP calls. In
>  particular, I need a WSDL parser so that I can parse
> a
>  WSDL (given the WSDL file or the URL)to get the
>  C++ code, just need to parse a WSDL to get the 
>  definitions, later on I will traverse the parsed
>  objects to get the services, operations, messages
>  and types (XML schemas) et cetera to build my only
>  datastore for a given WSDL. This way I can
>  dynamically handle different WSDLs in my application
>  without generating the c++ code stubs every time.
As mentioned earlier, there is a piece of code written in Axis2/C called 
woden, that can deal with the WSDL functionality that you are looking for.
Unfortunately that is not in the main source tree, because we could not 
maintain it -  due to lack of contributors in that space.
At some point, however, someone will again start looking into that, at 
which point you would have WSDL handling features.
> (3) The library is in c++ and available for
> multi-platforms, like windows, linux and unix et
> cetera.
Axis2/C is a C library, that works on Windows, Solaris, MacOS and Linux.
> Please let me know if AXIS2/c is a good choice to me.
> and how it is compared to gSOAP?
I am not in a position to do a formal comparison on Axis2/C vs. gSOAP. 
However, here is an overview:
    - Axis2/C comes with Apache license, and gSOAP comes with GNU license
    - Axis2/C is just two years old, gSOAP has been around for much longer
    - Axis2/C is based on Axis2 architecture, an architecture designed 
to cope with extensions and addition of new WS-* spec implementations. 
You would have to refer to gSOAP site on their architecture
    - Axis2/C already have full WS-Security and WS-RM implementations, 
to my knowledge, gSOAP do not have those specs implemented fully. 
    - Axis2/C has a comparatively simple deployment model. You get 
Apache2 and IIS modules with Axis2/C. If you are using apache module to 
deploy, it is one off configuration. But if gSOAP, you have to configure 
Apache server for each and every service that you cant to deploy.
   - Axis2/C has the ability to support many other transports. It 
already support HTTP and TCP. WSO2 WSF/C has implemented an XMPP 
transport and one of the GSOC students is implementing and SMTP 
transport. To my knowledge, gSOAP only support HTTP transport



> Thanks very much.
> Frank
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