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From Kaushalye Kapuruge <>
Subject Re: [Rampart/C] SAML Support?
Date Thu, 16 Aug 2007 10:47:09 GMT
Hi Jamie,
Rampart/C still doesn't have the SAML support. But it's definitely 
something we have planned to do(Problem is when:) ).
If you like to have it implemented by yourself, only for the client 
side, it's not that difficult. Please have a look at the function 
rampart_shb_build_message() in src/util/rampart_sec_header_builder.c. 
Also you may have to include few additional Rampart/C policy assertions.
As a guide, you may see how a Timestamp or a Username token is added to 
the header. Feel free to drop questions here in the list, should you 
need any assistance. Also we appreciate if you can share your 
implementation with us.

Jamie Lyon wrote:
> Hi,
> Does rampart/c support SAML yet? I have looked on the net and only 
> found references to SAML support being implemented by July ’07.
> I do not require any support for SAML server-side, just simply 
> attaching a saml assertion (currently stored as an axiom_node_t*) into 
> the security header.
> Is this currently possible?
> If not, how easy would it be to add support? I’m not quite sure how I 
> would pass data to rampart so that a different SAML token could be 
> attached to each message? Rampart seems fairly stand-alone.
> Any suggestions are welcome.
> Cheers,
> Jamie


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