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From Chris Darroch <>
Subject axis2/c 1.0.x branch in svn?
Date Thu, 10 May 2007 17:32:14 GMT
Hi --

   I was just poking around in SVN and it looks to me like we might
need to add a 1.0.x branch under webservices/axis2/branches.  May I
suggest that we do something like the following to base a 1.0.x
branch off the 1.0.0 tag?

svn mkdir

svn copy \

   The usual approach to maintaining a branch is then that anyone
who wants to backport a change from trunk to a branch should prepare
a patchset that applies cleanly against the branch code (as opposed to
the trunk code) and then propose it for a vote in a file named STATUS
or something like that in the branch.  When it has enough votes,
you can commit the backport to the branch and mark it in the branch's
ChangeLog or CHANGES file, and remove it from the STATUS file.

   When you want to tag a new 1.0.1 release or whatever, you just
copy from the 1.0.x branch to the tags location.

   The real pain of this is that sometimes creating a patchset
that applies cleanly against the branch's code takes some doing, because
the branch's code has fallen way out of sync with the trunk code over time.
I confess I've been lazy about doing exactly this for some mod_dbd
changes in httpd trunk and just today that's come back to haunt me.

   So, be forewarned, I guess, if we go this route; however, it does
certainly help track exactly what's changing and what has been changed
in a stable branch.


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