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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: [Vote] [Axis2] Vote for Apache Axis2/C 1.0.0 Release
Date Tue, 01 May 2007 15:11:43 GMT
    I have fixed the issues raised by Chris on the tag and the svn head.
    I would package the artifacts again and test. Please kindly test the 
1.0.0 tag in the mean time and report any issues.


Chris Darroch wrote:

>Samisa Abeysinghe wrote:
>>   Please test, review and vote on the release artifacts for Apache 
>>Axis2/C 1.0.0 release.
>   If you can bear with me for a few days, I'll try to do a bit more
>testing, but here are a few initial notes:
>   First, the include files look so nice and clean!  Thank you!  On
>first glance the library filenames, httpd config directives, and
>general layout seem clean and clear -- again, thank you!
>   Second, I thought I might revise the main INSTALL and configure files a
>little to explain certain parameters to configure a bit better.  In
>particular, the --with-apr and --with-apache2 options mostly don't mention
>what kind of path they take: to the "prefix" that was used to install those
>packages?  To their lib directories?  In fact, they both take paths to the
>include directories of those packages.
>   I can't remember if Axis2/C actually needs anything except the httpd
>include files ... maybe not.  I can't see anything offhand that ldd
>shows as having links to their libraries.  That would be easier, if true!
>   (If anything does link against their libraries, though, I think the
>Axis2/C configure script might need to get paths for both their include
>and library directories.  For example, if someone installs httpd using
>its --enable-layout option (see the config.layout file in the httpd source
>package for details), they have a lot of control over where the
>libraries end up: not necessarily in $prefix/lib, next to $prefix/include.
>Anyway, my dim memory is that, in fact, Axis2/C doesn't link against
>the APR and httpd libraries, so all of this is moot.)
>   The INSTALL file does explain that --with-apr takes the include
>path for APR, however, it doesn't say the same thing about the
>--with-apache2 option.
>   And if you run ./configure --help, you just get:
>  --with-apache2=PATH      use apache2 as server transport.
>  --with-apr=PATH      use apr.
>   Compare with the following from APR-util configure --help:
>    --with-berkeley-db=PATH
>      Find the Berkeley DB header and library in 'PATH/include' and
>      'PATH/lib'.  If PATH is of the form 'HEADER:LIB', then search
>      for header files in HEADER, and the library in LIB.  If you omit
>      the '=PATH' part completely, the configure script will search
>      for Berkeley DB in a number of standard places.
>   So if you can wait a few days, I can edit these a little bit
>(or someone else can, of course!)
>   For example, I was able to successfully build Axis2/C with the
>CFLAGS=-I$PREFIX/package/include LDFLAGS=-L$PREFIX/package/lib \
>  ./configure --enable-tests \
>              --prefix=/tmp/chrisd_build/axis2c \
>              --with-apr=$PREFIX/package/include/apr-1 \
>              --with-apache2=$PREFIX/package/include/apache2
>   Next, the samples ./configure script and INSTALL files should
>explain that they need the full path to the Axis2/C include directories,
>or else they should append the axis2-1.0 subdirectory automatically.
>(BTW, thanks for that versioned subdir!)  The ./configure --help
>option just says:
>  --with-axiom=PATH      use axiom.
>  --with-axis2_util=PATH      use axis2_util.
>   Also, the main INSTALL file (not the samples one) says:
>>  To build the samples:
>>       export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/usr/local/axis2c/lib/
>>       cd samples
>>       ./configure --prefix=${AXIS2C_HOME}
>>         --with-axis2_util=${AXIS2C_HOME}/include
>>         --with-axiom=${AXIS2C_HOME}/include
>   Here's what I had to use to successfully build the samples; note
>the axis2-1.0 subdirectories:
>LDFLAGS=-L/tmp/chrisd_build/axis2c/lib \
>  ./configure --prefix=/tmp/chrisd_build/axis2c \
>              --with-axis2_util=/tmp/chrisd_build/axis2c/include/axis2-1.0 \
>              --with-axiom=/tmp/chrisd_build/axis2c/include/axis2-1.0
>   Again, if you can wait a few days, I can edit these, or someone
>else can certainly tackle it.
>   Third, the "make check" option isn't quite working right yet,
>I think.  Running in the source package, you get a segfault right
>away unless you have AXIS2C_HOME=/path/to/source/axis2c/package.
>(I tried running "make install" and then setting AXIS2C_HOME
>to point to the installation location, but it doesn't seem to like
>that; you need to pointing to the source package.)  The INSTALL
>file suggests you'll need AXIS2C_HOME=/path/to/install/axis2c/package
>but I'm not sure that's correct.
>   With it set, more of the tests run fine, but I'm getting a segfault
>on test/core/clientapi/test_clientapi.  It occurs within the call
>to axis2_svc_client_set_options(svc_client, env, options) somewhere
>in test_clientapi.c.  That's as far I'm likely to get for a day or
>so, I fear.
>   But, overall, looking really nice!  Thanks again,

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