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From "Jared Hanson" <>
Subject Re: Code for Axis2/C Static Deployment Engine
Date Mon, 19 Feb 2007 19:07:00 GMT
Glad to hear you're interested in the code.

It's one of my top priorities to get this building against svn head this
week.  I'll be submitting patches as I complete tasks.

One question I did have:

Right now I split out the static deployment engine code, so it is completely
outside of the axis2c code base.  However, it turns out that about 95% of
the code is a copy of what is in axis2c (configuration parsing, etc).

As I work off head, I'd like to avoid this duplication.  One option that is
available is just using a #ifdef directly in the code, usually in the
deployment module.

For example:

/* Do static deployment step */
/* Do normal dynamic deployment step */

Another option is to make a separate static deployment module.  This option
avoids the #ifdef pragmas, but would require more refactoring in order to
move the common code to a place that can be shared by both the static and
dynamic deployment modules.

If anyone has any opinions on this, please make them known.

Also, as you get a chance to review the code I uploaded, let me know any
changes you would like made.

- Jared

On 2/17/07, Dinesh Premalal <> wrote:
> Hi Jared,
> "Jared Hanson" <> writes:
> > I've uploaded the code for the Axis2/C static deployment engine that
> > I've been referring to.  It can be downloaded from:
> >
> Downloaded sources, Give us some time look through it.
> > What is in the package was built against 0.95.  As mentioned, there are
> some
> > issues when building against the trunk.  I intend to fix those.
> As your previous mail mentioned, there is some refactoring going on the
> code base. We removed some of the ops because there was some
> performance hiccups.
> Lets try to get it build against the trunk, and put it in the code
> base. After that you will be able to do your further development
> easily. If we could include, static deployment engine for Axis2/C 1.0
> release that would be great.
> > If there is any interest in incorporating this into the project,
> > that would be welcome.
> Definitely !, we are open to embrace any constructive ideas or
> contributions.
> >Please ask if you have any questions.  Any suggestions are
> > appreciated.
> Appreciate your effort on Static Deployment Engine. Lets try to get it
> on svn head soon.
> thanks,
> Dinesh
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> Dinesh Premalal
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