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From Sahan Gamage <>
Subject [Axis2]Re: Memory leaks
Date Tue, 27 Feb 2007 20:47:02 GMT wrote:
> hi,
> unfortunately the list-serv refused my attachments. so i opened a jira containing all
the infos/instructions about the test tool and the test-suite i used.
> the jira is at:
> regarding the "chunked" issue. i am not sure if such a transfer-encoding is legal. please
tell me if it is so i can open another jira.
I thought we had chunked transfer encoding working with simple axis
server and as I see the code still exists to handle chunked transfer
encoding (http_chunked_stream.c, some code segments in
http_transport_utils.c).  The code may have been broken by some other

> I hope you can use the stuff...
> bye,
> markus
> My original message (without attachments):
> hi,
> the test-tool i use is apache jmeter ( i
am using the current version 2.2. unfortunately the component for creating soap requests has
a minor bug in its current version. it is creating http requests with
> "transfer-encoding: chunked". as it stands now the simple_axis_server does not handle
this transfer-encoding, with mod_axis2 and apache it appears to be working. i am however not
sure if simple_Axis_server is supposed to properly handle such requests. if
> it is i can open a jira for this.
> anyway i include a patched version of a jmeter library that addresses the "chunked" issue
(hopefully without introducing a host of new ones:-)). 
> - copy the jar to [jmeter_main_dir]\lib\ext. 
> - replace the original apachejmeter_http.jar. 
> this should work. i also included the test suite i use. it simply calls the add method
of the math web-services.
> i hope this helps you guys to reproduce my results.
> bye for now,
> markus

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