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Subject Memory leaks
Date Sun, 25 Feb 2007 15:48:47 GMT
A couple of your postings during the last days were concerning memory leaks within axis2c.
I used a load testing tool to run a simple suite consisting of the concurrent invocations
of the math sample web-service (the add service method).

In case you are interested find my results below (values are taken from windows process view
column "mem usage"):
- axis2_http_server doubles its memory usage after approx. 5000 requests (from initially 5.5
megs to approx. 10 megs)
- when using mod_Axis2 with apache2 (2.0.59) the situation is as follows:
initially the server takes about 13 megs of memory. after 1000 "add" requests apache went
up to 40 mb of mem usage and kept increasing steadily. 
- when using apache2 ver. 2.2.3 the situation is almost the same.

If you are interested in investigating these issues further I can provide you with all the
details about test-tool (jakarta jmeter), test-suite,etc.

I think especially fixes for the apache mod would be particularly important/helpful for 1.0
as this is the suggested deployment scenario (i assume?).

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