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From Nicholas Hart <>
Subject [Axis2] wsdl2java not generating request object in C
Date Wed, 06 Dec 2006 19:48:00 GMT

I'm trying to reduce the complexity of the problem I'm having with the C 
code generator.  I've reduced it to a simple example that demonstrates 
one of the problems I'm having (attached) when trying to generate client 

The generated code below uses an undefined type "getFooBar" in the 
parameter list:

         void axis2_stub_FooBarAdapterService_getFooBar_start( 
axis2_stub_t *stub, const axis2_env_t *env,
                                                         getFooBar param0,
( AXIS2_CALL *on_complete ) (struct axis2_callback *, const axis2_env_t* ) ,
( AXIS2_CALL *on_error ) (struct axis2_callback *, const axis2_env_t*, 
int ) );

my guess is that this should be an "axis2_getFooBarRequest" object 
instead of "getFooBar" for param0 (yes/no?) but there seems to be no .c 
or .h file generated that contains a request object.  the generated 
files are:


Or, should the axis2_stub_FooBarAdapterService_getFooBar_start() 
function instead have a parameter list that reflects the 
"parameterOrder" attribute of the "wsdl:operation" tag in the WSDL file 
(ie: "string fooId" and "long barId")?

I'm using a build I made from a source snapshot yesterday (on WinXP with 
jdk1.5.0_10).  the command I'm running to generate the code is:

wsdl2java.bat -l c -d adb -a -u -uri FooBar.wsdl

and with the following environment variable set

I've tried some different options, with no luck.  I've also looked 
through Jira but so far haven't found anything that seems to match this 
problem--but maybe I'm using the wrong keywords.

Can someone tell me what's wrong with the wsdl, the wsdl2java command, 
or if this is a known issue?  I'm willing to try to fix this if it is a 
bug, but I'm not sure where to start looking.


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