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From Nicholas Hart <>
Subject [Axis2] wsdl2java generating broken C code
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2006 23:29:07 GMT

I seem to be encountering an issue that is reported resolved in jira:

That is, I'm getting declarations of "" in 
my code, eg:

              * getter for getFooBarReturn.
                     axis2_getFooBarResponse_t* getFooBarResponse,
                     const axis2_env_t *env);

              * setter for getFooBarReturn
             axis2_status_t AXIS2_CALL
                     axis2_getFooBarResponse_t* getFooBarResponse,
                     const axis2_env_t *env,

The only clue I have is that wsdl2java spits out the following warning 
regarding the return type of the function in question:

Dec 5, 2006 3:18:11 PM org.apache.axis2.schema.SchemaCompiler findClassName
WARNING: Type {}ArrayOf_tns1_FooBar missing!

However, that type is actually defined in the WSDL (generated via Axis1, 
I believe), so it seems like wsdl2java is not finding it or something. 
below is a snippet from where it is defined in our wsdl...

   <schema targetNamespace="urn:foobar" 
    <import namespace=""/>
    <import namespace=""/>
    <complexType name="ArrayOf_tns1_FooBar">
      <restriction base="soapenc:Array">
       <attribute ref="soapenc:arrayType" wsdl:arrayType="tns1:FooBar[]"/>

Finally, I'm setting

before calling wsdl2java.bat (which I read about elsewhere) but it 
doesn't seem to resolve this problem.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

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