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From "Andrew Borley" <>
Subject [Axis2] Endpoint ref service URI truncated
Date Tue, 28 Nov 2006 13:15:51 GMT

It looks like Axis2/C is truncating the query part of the URI I'm
setting in the endpoint ref of my client.
My code is something like:

char* address = "http://server:port/path/to/services?servicename=Name";
axis2_endpoint_ref_t* endpoint_ref = axis2_endpoint_ref_create(env, address);

/* Set options */
AXIS2_OPTIONS_SET_TO(options, env, endpoint_ref);

axiom_node_t* ret_node = AXIS2_SVC_CLIENT_SEND_RECEIVE(svc_client,
env, payload);

But using a TCP monitor, the first line of the HTTP header looks like:
POST /path/to/services HTTP/1.0

Should this not be "/path/to/services?servicename=Name" ? I know this
is mixing the GET and POST syntax, but the service I'm working with
currently requires this query.

Can anyone help?



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