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From Nicholas Hart <>
Subject axiscpp problems
Date Wed, 15 Nov 2006 17:53:03 GMT

I'm having trouble getting axiscpp to work.  I tried the 1.6b version, 
but my wsdl uses nillable elements and it produced code that doesn't 
compile.  the 1.6 "current" version seems to have this problem fixed 
(although there were a couple minor syntax errors in the generated code 
which I fixed by hand).  my test app seems to link ok, but when I run 
it, it throws an exception that it can't find the XML parser--even 
though I'm pretty sure I followed the rest of the install directions 

Axis Exception : DLOPEN FAILED in loading parser library Failed to load 
parser '
AxisXMLParser.dll' within server engine:
                  Error Message='The specified module could not be found.
                 Error Code='126'
                  Load lib error=''

I'm pretty much stuck and have spent the last couple days spinning my 
wheels on this--I've tried building from source with no luck and even 
tried on linux, which I thought might be easier--but I'm encountering 
problems there as well.

What's the state of this project?  should I be using axis2c instead?  Is 
all this complicated setup (eg: axiscpp.conf, setting paths, etc) 
necessary for a simple client?

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