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From "Dimuthu Chathuranga (JIRA)" <>
Subject [jira] Updated: (AXIS2C-232) WODEN/C fails parsing some WSDLs
Date Sat, 02 Sep 2006 20:44:22 GMT
     [ ]

Dimuthu Chathuranga updated AXIS2C-232:

    Attachment: result

This attachment shows results trying with codegen tool for each wsdl file in AXIS2C_SORUCE/test/resources/wsdl
directory *after applying the early patch for woden*

1. Most of the WSDLs parse correctly:)  Before changing definision which I included in earlier
patch it didnt work for any WSDL in the test resources directory.

2. Some of the wsdls crash while parsing, inside the woden reader. Following is the backtrace
using BasicAllTests.wsdl. Anyway backtraces are simillar to this for most of the crashes.
#0  0x00000000 in ?? ()
#1  0xb7bd457b in parse_svc (reader=0x80668b0, env=0x804a018, svc_el_node=0x8065680, desc=0x8066a38)
at wsdl10_reader.c:3108
#2  0xb7bcdb84 in parse_desc (reader=0x80668b0, env=0x804a018, document_base_uri=0x8066830
    desc_el_node=0x805bda8, wsdl_modules=0x806bb78) at wsdl10_reader.c:821
#3  0xb7bccf18 in woden_wsdl10_reader_read_wsdl (reader=0x80668b0, env=0x804a018, root_node=0x805bda8,
    uri=0x8066830 "/home/dimuthu/sources/axis2/c/deploy/woden/") at wsdl10_reader.c:578
#4  0xb7bb480b in yomu (resolver=0x80594b0, env=0x804a018, desc_el_node=0x805bda8,
    doc_base_uri=0x8066830 "/home/dimuthu/sources/axis2/c/deploy/woden/") at resolver.c:243
#5  0xb7bb45e2 in woden_resolver_read (resolver=0x80594b0, env=0x804a018, om_doc=0x8058820,
    doc_base_uri=0x8066830 "/home/dimuthu/sources/axis2/c/deploy/woden/") at resolver.c:189
#6  0xb7c46b7a in w2c_emitter_parse_wsdl (emitter_impl=0x80599a8, env=0x804a018) at emitter.c:290
#7  0xb7c46885 in w2c_emitter_set_config (emitter=0x80599a8, env=0x804a018, config=0x804b978,
loader=0x804a220) at emitter.c:188
#8  0xb7f84884 in w2c_engine_generate (engine=0x804a278, env=0x804a018) at engine.c:240
#9  0x080487d9 in main (argc=3, argv=0xbfac48e4) at wsdl2code.c:45


3. Some of the wsdls cause woden to stuck on infinte loops. (
( check with  following wsdls in the same directory). In the attachment I m not including
the results for these WSDLs

RpcHttpHeaderTest2.wsdl .. RpcHttpHeaderTest8.wsdl
RpcSoapHeaderTest1.wsdl  .. RpcSoapHeaderTest10.wsdl

Following is a backtrace i took inside the loop.

#0  0xb7ef52c3 in axis2_strlen (s=0x80af308 '\t' <repeats 200 times>...) at string.c:231
#1  0xb7ef51e4 in axis2_stracat (s1=0x80af308 '\t' <repeats 200 times>..., s2=0xb7bca872
"\t", env=0x804a018) at string.c:201
#2  0xb7bc67c0 in xml_schema_complex_content_to_string (complex_content=0x80ae098, env=0x804a018,
    prefix=0x805d620 "P�\005\b�c\005\b0\223\005\bh�\005\b", tab=134596808)
at xml_schema_complex_content.c:306
#3  0xb7bb915d in handle_complex_content_restriction (builder=0x80aa4b0, env=0x804a018, res_node=0x805d368,
    at xml_schema_builder.c:2068
#4  0xb7bb8235 in handle_complex_content (builder=0x80aa4b0, env=0x804a018, complex_node=0x805d220,
    at xml_schema_builder.c:1702
#5  0xb7bb7b59 in handle_complex_type (builder=0x80aa4b0, env=0x804a018, complex_node=0x805c260,
    at xml_schema_builder.c:1527
#6  0xb7bb4dcc in handle_xml_schema_element (builder=0x80aa4b0, env=0x804a018, ele_node=0x805c8c8,
    uri=0x808b570 "/home/dimuthu/sources/axis2/c/deploy/woden/") at xml_schema_builder.c:627
#7  0xb7bb463b in xml_schema_builder_build_with_root_node (builder=0x80aa4b0, env=0x804a018,
    uri=0x808b570 "/home/dimuthu/sources/axis2/c/deploy/woden/") at xml_schema_builder.c:440
#8  0xb7bb1497 in xml_schema_collection_read_element_with_uri (collection=0x808b170, env=0x804a018,
    uri=0x808b570 "/home/dimuthu/sources/axis2/c/deploy/woden/") at xml_schema_collection.c:550
#9  0xb7b58b6f in parse_schema_inline (reader=0x80849a8, env=0x804a018, schema_el_node=0x805c8c8,
desc=0x8084b30) at wsdl10_reader.c:1181
#10 0xb7b58829 in parse_types (reader=0x80849a8, env=0x804a018, types_el_node=0x805c120, desc=0x8084b30)
at wsdl10_reader.c:1108
#11 0xb7b5798c in parse_desc (reader=0x80849a8, env=0x804a018, document_base_uri=0x8084948
    desc_el_node=0x8058948, wsdl_modules=0x8089ca0) at wsdl10_reader.c:789
#12 0xb7b56f18 in woden_wsdl10_reader_read_wsdl (reader=0x80849a8, env=0x804a018, root_node=0x8058948,
    uri=0x8084948 "/home/dimuthu/sources/axis2/c/deploy/woden/") at wsdl10_reader.c:578
#13 0xb7b3e80b in yomu (resolver=0x80594c8, env=0x804a018, desc_el_node=0x8058948,
    doc_base_uri=0x8084948 "/home/dimuthu/sources/axis2/c/deploy/woden/") at resolver.c:243
#14 0xb7b3e5e2 in woden_resolver_read (resolver=0x80594c8, env=0x804a018, om_doc=0x8058838,
    doc_base_uri=0x8084948 "/home/dimuthu/sources/axis2/c/deploy/woden/") at resolver.c:189
#15 0xb7bd0b7a in w2c_emitter_parse_wsdl (emitter_impl=0x80599c0, env=0x804a018) at emitter.c:290
#16 0xb7bd0885 in w2c_emitter_set_config (emitter=0x80599c0, env=0x804a018, config=0x804b980,
loader=0x804a228) at emitter.c:188
#17 0xb7f0e884 in w2c_engine_generate (engine=0x804a280, env=0x804a018) at engine.c:240
#18 0x080487d9 in main (argc=3, argv=0xbf94ec24) at wsdl2code.c:45


4. The above results and backtraces are same with WODEN samples as well. 


> WODEN/C fails parsing some WSDLs
> --------------------------------
>                 Key: AXIS2C-232
>                 URL:
>             Project: Axis2-C
>          Issue Type: Bug
>          Components: woden
>         Environment: LINUX
>            Reporter: Dimuthu Chathuranga
>            Priority: Minor
>         Attachments: result, svn_diff
> Woden failes in parsing following type of WSDLs.
> 1. WSDLs which namespace alias 'wsdl' is defined for  ""
> 2. RPC Style WSDLs.
> 3. WODEN failed in extracting endpoint infromation from version 2 WSDLs.

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