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From "Henrik Nordberg" <>
Subject AXISCPP-964 revisited -- Server response not UTF-8 encoded (but claims to be)
Date Thu, 17 Aug 2006 16:26:45 GMT
This is a pretty serious problem for non AS/400 platforms. Could we agree on 
what to do about it, if anything? Here are the comments:

Henrik Nordberg [24/Apr/06 11:14 PM]
Nadir K. Amra wrote:

> Henrik, I am not sure how you would do that on windows or linux, but I
> assume it can be done. On the OS/400, the XML parser will honor whatever
> the encoding is in the XML data that is returned.

This is parser dependent and platform-independent. And, of course, the 
parser must honor the encoding specified. It is part of the XML standard.

> I think on the other
> platforms it is assumed to be in UTF-8

UTF-8 is the default encoding. But we specify it explicitly.

> so I guess that answer for
> non-OS/400 platforms is yes, the XML data must be in UTF-8 (or I think
> consistent with UTF-8 such as ISO-8859-1, etc.)

Here is the real problem. ISO-8859-1 is NOT consistent with UTF-8. Only 
ASCII is. And then only for characters up to 127.

I think this truly is a bug, except on OS/400, which is the only platform 
that has special code in an #ifdef.
As it is now, users on other platforms must provide their own UTF-8 
conversion. This, I think, is too much to ask of them, and most don't know 
that they need to do so.

Can we simply use UTF-8 on all platforms, not just on OS/400?

 - Henrik 

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