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From Franz Fehringer <>
Subject handling of xml attributes flawed
Date Wed, 21 Jun 2006 09:21:51 GMT

Today i had a closer look at the handling of xml attributes in Axis 
generated C++ code (i work with latest SVN and consider for the moment 
only the deserializing/response handling part).
First it seems that no difference between optional and required 
attributes is made.
When it comes to deserializing, it is (equal in both cases) checked if 
the attribute is present and only in this case the appropriate setter is 
The problem is now, that the C++ struct members representing the 
attributes are values and not pointers and that there is no else branch 
in the test for presence of the attribut.
The net effect is, that for nonpresent attributes the correspondent 
struct members end up uninitialized (int value 4207536 for example) ant 
there is no way to detect the case of missing optional attributes.
A simple (hopefully not too simple minded) fix would be to represent all 
attributes as pointers and setting them to NULL in the (to be created) 
else branch.
Thoughts (and btw ist there already a JIRA for this)?



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