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From Damitha Kumarage <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Message Receiver - Suggestions
Date Mon, 05 Jun 2006 06:28:15 GMT
Ideally what we should have is
                |                                 _________raw_xml_msg_recv
                |                                 |
msg_recv|______default_recv _|________some other default recv
                |                                 |
                |                                 |________some other 
default recv
                |______some other recv

Because then we can have skeleton creation methods in default_recv so 
that they need
not be reimplemented in default message receivers. I think  your current 
concern is that you
implement your php receiver based on message receiver, yet you don't 
want those
svc skeleton create methods because you have your own php creation 
methods to implement.
I think above design include your suggestions for message receiver.
I will implement this ASAP


Nabeel Yoosuf wrote:

> >From the point of view of writing custom message receivers, I see the 
> following modifications to msg_recv would be appropriate.
> 1. axis2_xml_in_out_msg_recv.h can be (and should be) made private.
> This file has only one function - creating the the msg_recv struct. 
> This is used only by the axis2_get_instance function which is in the 
> same file where the create function is implemented. Hence, the header 
> should be made private.
> 2. svc_skeleton struct related functions can be moved out of msg_recv. 
> The msg_recv does not need to know anything about svc_skeleton.
> The following functions in msg_recv are used only by 
> raw_xml_in_out_msg_recv.
> /* These two functions are not required to be in the msg_recv ops */
> axis2_svc_skeleton_t * AXIS2_CALL
> axis2_msg_recv_make_new_svc_obj(axis2_msg_recv_t *msg_recv,
>                                     const axis2_env_t *env,
>                                     struct axis2_msg_ctx *msg_ctx);
> axis2_svc_skeleton_t * AXIS2_CALL
> axis2_msg_recv_get_impl_obj(axis2_msg_recv_t *msg_recv,
>                             const axis2_env_t *env,
>                             struct axis2_msg_ctx *msg_ctx);
> 3.For the following function, the function pointer can be defined in 
> msg_recv ops and the impl lives
> inside the extended msg receiver code (default impl does nothing).
> axis2_status_t AXIS2_CALL
> axis2_msg_recv_delete_svc_obj(axis2_msg_recv_t *msg_recv,
>                                     const axis2_env_t *env,
>                                     axis2_msg_ctx_t *msg_ctx);
> With the above changes, anyone who extends the msg_recv needs to 
> override only the following in their create function.
> msg_recv->ops->invoke_in_out_business_logic_sync
> msg_recv->ops->delete_svc_obj (default impl does nothing)
> msg_recv->ops->receive (default impl points to 
> msg_recv->ops->receive_sync)
> thanks
> -Nabeel

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