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From "Kovgan, Peter" <>
Subject RE: Axis C++ engine outside of Apache, is it possible?
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 11:43:16 GMT
I already have found this server ant try to play with it.
But my problem is compilation under VisualStudio.
I have noticed that in VC directory you have Visual Studio project files, but problem is these
project files reference old! sources .
VC folder content is older then rest of sources...
I have no idea how to compile all these stuff on VS.
And I have a question:
Is it possible to create our own transport that receives xml messages from external source,
transport must be not listener, but passive object!(DLL), 
external object will invoke some method on such "transport" and pass SOAP string(soap message
as string) to this transport.
Is it possible?
Could it(transport) be passive and work upon method invocation?
Thanks a lot.


From: John Hawkins [] 
Sent: ב, מאי 08, 2006 12:03 
To: Apache AXIS C Developers List
Subject: Re: Axis C++ engine outside of Apache, is it possible?

hi Peter, 

There is an app called "SimpleAxisServer" which is, as the name suggests, a simple http listener.
you set it up as normal with the usual config files and it listens on a port of your choice
and calls the appropriate service. Be aware  - it's called "simple" for a reason we have improved
it recently but it's still not really production quality (in my opinion!). is the best documentation I could find
for working with it. 


"Kovgan, Peter" <> 

07/05/2006 15:25 
Please respond to
"Apache AXIS C Developers List" <>

Axis C++ engine outside of Apache, is it possible?



I need help urgently! 

There is a problem. 

Imagine Axis C++ engine outside of Apache. 

I need to run this engine locally(not as part of web container) to be able deserialize SOAP
message and invoke corresponding methods on target service. 

How can I achieve this? 

Suppose I have some black box, which receives SOAP message as parameter and as output produces
method calls to target service. 

How can I implement this black box using Axis for C++? 

Is it possible ? 

Is it possible to deploy service on NON hosted axis? 

Please, help! 


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