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From Damitha Kumarage <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Breaking up independent components and moving those to WS-Commons
Date Tue, 16 May 2006 10:46:47 GMT
Hi Samisa
Samisa Abeysinghe wrote:

> Damitha Kumarage wrote:
>> Hi Samisa,
>> AFAIK Commons projects are well fermented, well tested projects. 
>> AXIOM/C, Util may be suitable to be moved there.
> Is it the case that we only can have completed project in commons? I 
> am not sure on this. Even if that is the case, XML Schema and Woden 
> are not to be held within Axis2/C, so at least they have to be moved 
> to a scratch pad or a sandbox section in svn, for sure Axis2/C cannot 
> have them.
> I am specially annoyed at the fact that there are packing problems due 
> to long names of XML schema. This would not happen if it was a 
> seperate project.  I really had a hard time packaging the release due 
> to problems casued by XML schema, I would like them fixed now rather 
> than wating till late.

Oh, I already created two separate build systems for xml_schema and 
woden in the hope that they will be moved to a separate place in svn. 
But it seems that i have forgotten to remove the references to them in 
the main axis2 C build system.  That's why it has given problems to you. 
I'll remove those references now.


> Also we have to test them as independant project, with independent 
> build systems etc. Hence better move now rather than waiting till last 
> minute.
> Samisa...
>> But XML Schema C and Woden C are not even finished yet. I suggest to 
>> keep these two projects inside Axis2 C until they are matured within 
>> Axis2 C.
>> thanks
>> Damitha
>> Samisa Abeysinghe wrote:
>>> Hi All,
>>>    As Axis2/C is growing, it would be worth considering breaking up 
>>> the independent components as separate projects and move those to WS 
>>> commons.
>>> The possible components are:
>>> 1. Util
>>>    This has environment with allocator, log, error and thread 
>>> structs, containers (hash map, stack etc)
>>> 2. OM (AXIOM/C)
>>>    This includes parser abstraction, OM, SOAP and MTOM related stuff
>>> 3. XML Schema
>>>    XML schema parsing based on OM
>>> 4. WSDL implementation (Wooden/C)
>>>    WSDL parsing support for both 1.1 and 2.0 versions
>>> 5. Guththila parser
>>> We would also like to have Sandesha/C and Neethi/C
>>> The above has to be moved into WS-Commons project. The benefit is 
>>> that those who want to use them as independent components can easily 
>>> use them.
>>> If we are to move them, this is the right time, as it would be hard 
>>> to manage it looking at the phase we are developing the stuff.
>>> There would surely be some concerns, e,g, what happens to prefix of 
>>> OM methods, do we have to change it from axis2_om to axisom? IMHO, 
>>> we better keep the current prefix.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Samisa...

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