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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject [Fwd: Re: [Axis2] How do I add multiple elements to soap body?]
Date Mon, 08 May 2006 04:15:52 GMT

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Subject: 	Re: [Axis2] How do I add multiple elements to soap body?
Date: 	Mon, 8 May 2006 00:34:55 -0400
From: 	Anne Thomas Manes <>
References: 	<> <>

The SOAP 1.1 spec was unclear on what to do with multiple elements in 
the SOAP Body. Therefore the powers that be (WS-I and the W3C SOAP 1.2 
group) pow-wowed on the issue and pronounced that multiple elements are 
not allowed.

If you want to send two "parameters" in a doc/literal message, wrap them 
in a wrapper object. Note that doc/literal technically does not support 
"parameters". You use doc/literal to send a document. If you wish to 
send multiple documents, either wrap them in a wrapper element or send 
them as attachments to the SOAP message.


On 5/7/06, *Deepal Jayasinghe* < 
<>> wrote:

    Hi Samisa;

    As Nabeel mentioned, using ServiceCleint API you can not send more than
    one child in the body. But using operation client you can send any SOAP
    In the receiving side if you use default message receivers none of them
    can not handle this scenario , since we have a valid assumption that
    SOAP body can not have two parts.

    I can not say this is invalid use case ,but to have this feature in
    server side he has to write his own message receiver to handle this.
    Since this is not a common scenario I dont think we have to have default
    message receiver for handling this.

    Samisa Abeysinghe wrote:

     > What is the solution for the following query in the Java Axis2?
     > P.S. Forwarding from Axis2/C list:
     > |
     > |If I have a doc/lit ws how do I code a client to produce the
     > |<soap:envelope>
     >    <soap:body>
     >        <x>fred</x>
     >        <y>joe</y>
     >    </soap:body>
     > </soap:envelope>|
     > |
     > |The client APIs seem to take a single axis2_om_node_t* payload
     > I assume is inserted into the soap body. Is there an API to add more
     > than one element as above? |
     > || |Cheers,|
     > ||

    ~Future is Open~

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