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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: [Axis2]Organizing the error codes
Date Tue, 02 May 2006 23:24:06 GMT
As far as you keep all the error codes in between AXIS2_ERROR_NONE and 
AXIS2_ERROR_LAST, there would be minimal side effects.

Also note that we need to open up some set of error codes to stub and 
skeleton, so that user can let the engine know what went wrong in the 
user code. Those should have some room in the hierarchy, even though we 
are yet to define such errors codes.


Sahan Gamage wrote:

>Yah. Seems to be a good idea.
>So let's have a *common* category.
>- Sahan
>Nabeel wrote:
>>Are you going to introduce another group (e.g. name COMMON) to put
>>errors that do not specifically belong to any module listed in the
>>tree layout? You'll have to spend some time to figure out the common
>>ones to prevent duplication :)
>>some simple examples:
>>No Memory
>>Invalid Null Argument
>>Our of range value for an axis2 defined enum
>>Sahan Gamage wrote:
>>>Hi all,
>>>I am planning to reorganize the error codes in error.h as well as in the
>>>error.c. Following is the option that comes into my mind about the way I
>>>am going to organize the codes.
>>>The directory hierarchy of the modules directory of current axis2c
>>>implementation is as follows.
>>>|   |-addr
>>>|   |-clientapi
>>>|   |    |-diclient
>>>|   |-context
>>>|   |-deployment
>>>|   |-description
>>>|   |-engine
>>>|   |-phaseresolver
>>>|   |-receivers
>>>|   |-transport
>>>|   |   |-http
>>>|   |   |   |-receiver
>>>|   |   |   |-sender
>>>|   |   |   |   |-ssl (will be there soon)
>>>|   |   |   |-server
>>>|   |   |   |   |-apache2
>>>|   |   |   |   |-simple_axis2_server |   |-util
>>>|   |-unix
>>>|   |-windows
>>>|   |-attachments
>>>|   |-om
>>>|   |-parser
>>>|   |   |-guththila
>>>|   |   |-libxml2
>>>|   |-soap
>>>Note that I have specifically ignored woden and xml_schema since we are
>>>not finalized the status of these projects (eg: whether to separate them
>>>as new projects)
>>>So the order of the error codes will be the order we get by flattening
>>>the above hierarchy.
>>>Next is the convention of the error codes. I assume the convention
>>>proposed by samisa in AXIS2C-67.
>>>Also there are lot of error codes which doesn't have descriptions along
>>>with them. If the respective authors can update the error.h with the
>>>comments I can update the descriptions in the error.c file. Pls take
>>>some time to do that before the next release.
>>>Comments are welcome for the above proposal
>>>- Sahan

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