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From Adrian Dick <>
Subject Re: last wsdl2ws reorganization / AXISCPP-918
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 14:28:53 GMT

You mention that you have a simple fix ... is this by post processing, or
do you have a WSDL2Ws path?
If the latter, we would be very grateful if you're in a position to make
this available for inclusion to Axis C++.

Incidentally, I see from the WSDL attached to AXISCPP-918 that you're using
doc/literal.  The latest refactoring basically promoted a few of the
cpp/literal classes upto cpp, incorporating a small number of changes for
the unavoidable differences between doc/literal and rpc/encoded artefacts.
So, I would expect no change in your produced cpp/hpp files (except perhaps
minor formatting), while any WSDL2Ws patch files may need to be reworked to
the new location - but the patch content is probably still good.

Adrian Dick (

Franz Fehringer <> wrote on 05/04/2006 09:23:17:

> Hello,
> With the last svn up i saw that the wsdl2ws sources got reorganized thus
> overwriting my simple fix for AXISCPP-918.
> So i wonder if AXISCPP-918 could perhaps resolved/remedied for the most
> simple cases?
> See my last comment to AXISCPP-918.
> It would be really great for me, if AXISCPP-918 could be attacked (i
> understand well that not all of my issues can be resolved with 1.6),
> since this is currently the last and only issue, for which i have either
> to patch wsdl2ws locally or postprocess the generated sources.
> Many thanks in advance
> Franz
> [attachment "feh.vcf" deleted by Adrian Dick/UK/IBM]

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