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From Damitha Kumarage <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Same source file compiled multiple times in the build
Date Fri, 28 Apr 2006 05:49:03 GMT
Hi Samisa
Samisa Abeysinghe wrote:

> Hmmm, looks like it build twice; one for static lib and one for 
> dynamic link.
> I tried using --enable-static=no with configure and then it compiles 
> only once.
> May be we should include --enable-static=no in

Good idea. Acutally since we don't use static libs I can do this in our Actually enabling this reduced my complete build time by 
nearly 1 min.


> Thanks,
> Samisa...
> Damitha Kumarage wrote:
>> Hi Samisa,
>> This happens only when it compile a library. When it compile an 
>> executable it won't happen twice. For example if you test this for an 
>> client executable you can see it compile only once. But if you go to 
>> server samples you can see that it build twice. I think this is how 
>> GNU build works and we can't do anything about it. To verify this I 
>> looked at other two projects(libdvdcss and wsdl pull) using GNU build 
>> system and found that there same thing happen.
>> thanks
>> damitha
>> Samisa Abeysinghe wrote:
>>> Damitha, the problem is partially fixed but not completely.
>>> Digging further into the problem, I found that almost all source 
>>> files are compiled twice.
>>> 1. Source file compiled with "-fPIC -DPIC" options and object placed 
>>> in .libs folder inside source folder
>>> 2. Source file compiled without "-fPIC -DPIC" options and object 
>>> placed in source folder
>>> I do not think that this is necessary, we should have only one 
>>> compiling of a given source.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Samisa...
>>> Damitha Kumarage wrote:
>>>> Hi Samisa,
>>>> Thanks very much for pointing this out.  I found the reason for 
>>>> this and fixed it.
>>>> Damitha
>>>> Samisa Abeysinghe wrote:
>>>>> It looks to me that the same source file is compiled more than 
>>>>> once  in some cases when I do a full build.
>>>>> This must be the reason for the *very* slow build time.
>>>>> To verify this do a 'make clean' and then 'sh > out'
>>>>> Then 'vi out' and '/http_worker.c' and search next. There are 
>>>>> multiple occurences.
>>>>> This we have to fix. It is annyoing to wait till a build finishes 
>>>>> - takes *so long* :-(
>>>>> Samisa...

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