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From Samisa Abeysinghe <>
Subject Re: [Axis2] Implementing Service Client API
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2006 09:13:27 GMT
Pete Robbins wrote:

> Hi, I'm currently working on the Tuscany project using Axis2C for 
> webservice support. I'm sure this change will affect me ;-)
> I've been coding an Axis2C client in Tuscany and did struggle a bit 
> trying to guess what the "official" client interface is supposed to 
> be. Is there any documentation on what the client side api is? The 
> samples are a starting point but there is a fair bit of assumed 
> knowledge required to follow them.

Yes it is a problem that we do not have document on the client API. 
Basically the new API would look similar to the Java API define in here:'s_Primary_APIs

Basically the idea of comming up with this improved API is to help the 
end users. This new API will be the "offcial" client API, and we would 
try and put some erroft to document this before we make the release.
We are sorry for the inconveniances caused.
Nabeel, please post the new API for the time being, so that Pete could 
get some idea on what it would look like.


> Cheers,
> On 25/04/06, *Nabeel* < <>> wrote:
>     Keeping inline with the Axis2 Java Service Client API, I am
>     implementing
>     a similar client API for Axis2 C.
>     It has the following interfaces:
>     axis2_svc_client.h
>     axis2_op_client.h
>     axis2_options.h
>     Once this is implemented, axis2_call.h interface can be removed. (This
>     will affect all the existing samples, documentations, PHP & Firefox
>     extensions written on top of Axis2 C)
>     thanks
>     -Nabeel
> -- 
> Pete 

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