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From Franz Fehringer <>
Subject Re: last wsdl2ws reorganization / AXISCPP-918
Date Wed, 05 Apr 2006 14:46:43 GMT
Hello Adrian,

My fix is contained in my comment to AXISCPP-918 (scroll to the bottom 
It consists of only four lines and copes only with the most simple and 
special case.
But perhaps someone with the knowledge of you could augment it to a more 
complete solution?
For my purposes even this little four lines make a big improvement (i 
would have to postprocess several generated sources without it).



Adrian Dick schrieb:
> Hi,
> You mention that you have a simple fix ... is this by post processing, or
> do you have a WSDL2Ws path?
> If the latter, we would be very grateful if you're in a position to make
> this available for inclusion to Axis C++.
> Incidentally, I see from the WSDL attached to AXISCPP-918 that you're using
> doc/literal.  The latest refactoring basically promoted a few of the
> cpp/literal classes upto cpp, incorporating a small number of changes for
> the unavoidable differences between doc/literal and rpc/encoded artefacts.
> So, I would expect no change in your produced cpp/hpp files (except perhaps
> minor formatting), while any WSDL2Ws patch files may need to be reworked to
> the new location - but the patch content is probably still good.
> Regards,
> Adrian
> _______________________________________
> Adrian Dick (
> Franz Fehringer <> wrote on 05/04/2006 09:23:17:
>> Hello,
>> With the last svn up i saw that the wsdl2ws sources got reorganized thus
>> overwriting my simple fix for AXISCPP-918.
>> So i wonder if AXISCPP-918 could perhaps resolved/remedied for the most
>> simple cases?
>> See my last comment to AXISCPP-918.
>> It would be really great for me, if AXISCPP-918 could be attacked (i
>> understand well that not all of my issues can be resolved with 1.6),
>> since this is currently the last and only issue, for which i have either
>> to patch wsdl2ws locally or postprocess the generated sources.
>> Many thanks in advance
>> Franz
>> [attachment "feh.vcf" deleted by Adrian Dick/UK/IBM]

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