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From Damitha Kumarage <>
Subject Re: Max OS X?
Date Fri, 14 Oct 2005 02:36:18 GMT
Duane Murphy wrote:

>Hello Axis Folks,
>I'm attempting to use axis on Mac OS X in a client side application.
>I've searched the mailing list archives and find attempts here and there
>attempting to support OS X, but nothing definitive. Mac OS X is
>noticeably missing from the source distribution.
>Suggestions from your experience would be most helpful. 
>Here is where I am and where I am going; again advise is most welcome.
>Goals: The ultimate goal is to build a SOAP client from WSDL sources
>running on Mac OS X and Mac OS 9. There is not a single target server,
>but rather a family of targets. Therefore some flexibility in the client
>will be necessary.
>Development Environment: I am using Metrowerks CodeWarrior. Eventually I
>will take the system to Xcode. CodeWarrior will still be needed in order
>to support Mac OS 9.
>I have abandoned attempts to get Ant functional for building Axis. It's
>just too much trouble and I am not familiar enough with Ant to make
>reasonable progress.
There was a Makefile system for Axis C++. But it is not maintained now. 
But with few
work it can be updated I suppose.

>I selected the Calculator client sample as a starting point. I have
>Calculator compiling but not yet linking do to the dynamic library
>loading requirement. 
>My first question is, is there a way to NOT use DLL/Shared Libraries for
>the various entry points? As a porting exercise this complicates things
You can build your client using static libraries generated at various 
entry points. I need to check
whether both (shared /static) are generated with ant build.

>In the mean time, I will work on using the Macintosh native dynamic
>loading mechanism. 
>It seems there are three DLLs to load: SOAPTransport, XMLParser, and Handler. 
>Do I need the Handler? 
>I have also seen references to a Channel Library? It appears to be
>related to the transport. I'd like to get a better explanation of the
>Channel and if I need to build DLLs for that as well.
Channel is made to a different library to allow different channels to be 
loaded into the transport.
For example you can use https channel or http channel with the same 

>Thank you for your help.
> ...Duane Murphy
>If this works out well enough, I hope to feed some of this back to the axis. 

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